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Smart Cable

Saage Smart Cable is designed and developed in Finland, inspired by the Scandinavian climate and long winter dark time, further generating the unique innovation idea, namely embedding the dedicated RGB-LED lighting system underneath the whole cable to achieve the precaution warning lights in the dark situation and the Smart Cable is detecting the phone battery level in the real time and responding/displaying the relevant color to indicate the battery level to the user. It has the electric current thunder movement effect which looks like absorbing the power from the power supply and conducting to the charged phone side, for instance, if simulated thunder light is red, meaning the phone battery level is under 40%. It has very rare sun shine during the winter time in Finland, and with this cable, it can make your life colorful and eliminating the depressed feeling during the long dark winter time. Smart Cable is equipped with invisible touch button to turn off the lighting system when it is not needed, and turn it on only by pressing the button again. In terms of the performance, it supports Max. 5A charging currents, and the premium materials are selected carefully for the touch feeling and environment.


Considering the daily usage environment and circumstances, we design the invisible touch button to switch on/off according to your need, with this function, you can switch it off during the sleeping time, and switch it on whenever you need it to indicate the colors, especially in the dark situations.


The logo area is light-passible, with the 'breathing LED' effect, Smart Cable works like absorbing the electricity power with different pace, in terms of different moving speed of the light, it gives the fastest speed when displaying the red light, and slowest one for the blue light. Moreover, there is also an attractive function, which is glowing 7 different colors with certain intervals and light up all the embedded LEDs to give the warning precautions especially in the dark situation, the cable needs to be connected with power supply (only USB-A side to the Powerbank for instance if walking outdoor), and cable can be wrapped on the arm or attached to the shoulder belt of the bag or relevant objects.



  • Supper fast charging and data transmission designed for cellphones with TYPE C charging port (Apple lighting connector version available)
  • Phone battery level indication with electric current simulation by different colors
  • 3 different colors to tell the battery level, <40% red, >40%and <70% green, >70% blue, and it can be deactivated by pressing touch button when needed.
  • It can be used as ’reflective tag’ when doing sport or walking in dark situations
  • 60 cm length design, soft touch feeling and flexible TPE & ABS materials 
  • Product and all materials comply with CE, RoHS standards
  • Charging speed depends on the power supply and device as well
  • Patent: 201711274209.7, Utility model: 201721677709.0, Design: 201730615869.1