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Smart Tracker|Sigfox

Saage Smart Tracker is a highly compact GPS positioning device, by utilizing the latest Sigfox and low power GPS modules, it can give maximum 3 years battery life with a single coin battery. Thanks to the Sigfox technology that it makes small data transmission with low power consumption, this can guarantee that old people will not forget to charge their guarding device from running out of the battery. It sends out the message regularly to the server in order to monitor the device under reliable status, and it reminds people via SMS, email, and APP messages if the device needs to replace a new battery or people is under the emergency situations by simply pressing the only button, it will glow green light surrounding the button area when have sent coordinate and other data successfully, and red one if meet errors. Your relatives and friends are able to position the SOS-Pressed device via the APP/webpage and people can track route of objects for instance kid, pet or property efficiently and accurately.

Smart Tacker is really easy to carry on, the size is only a little bit bigger than a coin, and is able to be put in the pocket, bag, wallet or hang on the key ring or clothes. It will not take a lot of space but you can count on it when you are in the dangerous or emergency situations.